Our hunters will start early in the morning after we sit down to a nice breakfast. You will be settled in your stand well before daylight. You will be able to reach your guide via cell phone to notify them when you are ready to be picked up. You will then be brought back to the lodge for lunch and a quick nap if you would like. Anywhere from 2:00-3:00, depending on your preference, you will be taken back to your stand location for the afternoon hunt. Your guide will retrieve you after dark and assist you with any game retrieval and butchering.


In order to ensure our wildlife management program there will be fines for shooting a button buck or a buck under 15 inch tall or 15 inch wide in our trophy area. We do offer some hunting areas where a hunter can kill a racked buck under 15 in tall or 15 in wide without being fined, however, the same rule will apply for killing a button buck.

Fine for button buck in the non-trophy area: $200.00
Fine for button buck in trophy area: $300.00
Fine for anything less than 15 in wide or 15 in tall in the trophy area: $400.00


If you lodge with us your hunt includes meals: Breakfast consist of eggs, bacon or sausage, toast, juice and or coffee before your morning hunt. Lunch will consist of soups and sandwiches. When you come in from your afternoon hunt you will be served a southern home cooked meal.


A North Carolina license is required, you will need a valid ID to purchase a license. You will be required to abide by all North Carolina hunting regulations. All out of state hunters will be able to purchase their license upon arrival at a local business or either order them online. NC will accept any states hunters safety course.


Our guides work very hard to make sure that you have a good hunt, an appropriate tip is around 15% of the price of your hunt.