We have 3 weeks of archery season which begins around the second week of September. We focus on trails leading to and from feeding and bedding areas. We provide loc on stands as well as climbers, however, every hunter is welcome to bring their own stands. Bringing a therma cell is not a bad idea because the mosquitoes can be bad depending on where your stand is located. We will have targets on site to get those bows fine tuned before the hunt. Average temp 70° – 95°.


Our muzzle loader season lasts for two weeks in the first part of October. This is a good time to kill a nice buck because the deer have not had a lot of hunting pressure. We have some really nice tower stands to hunt out of. Average temp 60°-75°.


The rifle season begins around the middle of October. During the rifle season you will be hunting out of tower stands with tops on them ensuring hunting even through nasty weather conditions. We also have ladder stands and climbers for the more predictable days. Temperatures can be cold so remember to bring your warm clothing and an extra pair of boots.